Monthly Archives: December 2014

Cancer in Dogs and Cats: Signs, Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Did you know dogs are just as susceptible to tumors as humans? In fact, cancer causes nearly half of all deaths for dogs over 10 years old. Cats can get cancer as well, though less often than humans and dogs. Learn more about what cancer in dogs and cats looks like, how to diagnose the […]

Top 5 Tips To Teach Your Young Children About Caring For Your Pet

Caring for pets takes a lot of time and energy, but as any loving pet owner will tell you, the rewards make all the effort worthwhile. Teaching the littlest members of your family the basics of pet care can help them form lasting bonds with your pet and help them learn valuable lessons about responsibility […]

Winter Allergies Can Affect Individuals as Much as More Common Seasonal Allergies

When you picture allergies, you probably think of symptoms triggered by pollen, molds and other allergens in the spring and fall. However, just because the weather turns cold doesn’t mean you’re free from that runny nose and itchy throat. Here’s what you need to know about winter allergies and how to reduce your symptoms. The […]

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