Monthly Archives: January 2015

Healthy Food and Supplements for Your Dog

A Healthy Diet For Pets As each New Year arrives, we resolve to improve our overall health by exercising more and eating healthier diets. In households with dogs or cats, a healthy diet for pets is often part of those resolutions. Animal nutrition is complicated, however, and care must be taken when providing pet supplements. […]

A Headache Is Just a Headache…Or Is It? More About Types of Headaches

Among the most common medical conditions are headaches, and it is extremely rare and fortunate when someone goes an entire lifetime without experiencing at least one. About 45 million people, however, suffer from serious and chronic headaches that disrupt their lives and require medical attention from healthcare professionals. Many of these patients are insured for […]

Considering a Flu Shot? What You Should Know

With the flu season well underway, there have been reports of concerns about the effectiveness of this year’s flu vaccinations. In some cases, individuals have decided not to be vaccinated due to such information. In other cases, those who have been vaccinated wonder if they are really protected. If you are still in the process […]

Top 5 Most Common Illnesses for Dogs

While pets can be an important part of your life, it is important to be aware of illnesses and conditions that can affect their well-being and even potentially expose you or your family members to health risks. A good veterinary routine can make a huge difference in avoiding problems, and regular vaccinations are an important […]

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