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  4. While the vast majority of prescriptions are eligible for a discount, the amount of the discount will not be the same for all prescriptions. The amount of the discount may also vary by participating pharmacy. Actual savings will vary based upon the types and amount of prescription medication you purchase during the year and the discount arrangement established by your pharmacy.
  5. The drug card only entitles you to a discount on prescription medications at participating pharmacies. In some rare instances, the discounted retail price of the drug may be less than the discount provided through HonestDiscounts.com. The drug card program is not an insurance benefit plan. You will still be responsible for paying the discounted cost for your prescription medication.
  6. We are not a pharmacy and are not responsible for filling your prescriptions. Participating pharmacies, which are independent companies, provide all prescriptions and pharmacy services, including those provided through the mail order service. Participating pharmacies have only agreed to provide a discount to HonestDiscounts.com subscribers and are not otherwise controlled, managed or supervised by us. Nothing in the discount program we offer may be deemed or construed to create the relationship of principal and agent or of partnership or of joint venture or of any association between us and any participating pharmacy.
  7. Pharmacies sometimes substitute generic equivalents for brand name drugs. Depending on your physician’s request and applicable law, you may receive a generic substitute.
  8. We have not evaluated the credentials or qualifications of the participating pharmacies or pharmacists. Accordingly, we make no representations regarding their abilities and assume no responsibility for the services or goods that they may provide you while using the drug card.
  9. We do not guarantee availability of your prescription medication nor the final price you will pay. Prices between participating pharmacies may vary even after application of the HonestDiscounts.com discount.
  10. The pharmacy card is a savings card only, not an insurance benefit plan, and liability of HonestDiscounts.com to the purchasers of the card is limited to the purchase price of the card. Discounts may vary by location.
  11. The rights of HonestDiscounts.com card holders and visitors to this site shall be governed and determined under the laws of the State of Texas.
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